Kathy Gruver

Speaker, Author, Coach


Hey all! I’m an international speaker, award-winning author of eight books and a life and business coach. I specialize in stress, mindfulness, work/life balance, communication and bringing your best you forward. I love play, laughter, helping others realize their goals and I’m a trapeze artist.

What would help to make women’s VOICE in society to be moreheard?

Knowing that we have value, that we have something to share that elevates and lifts others up. Setting a good example for women and girls that they have the right to be, to be heard and to be seen. Life each other up!

What inspired me the most last year:

The resilience of so many in dealing with this pandemic. My own emotion surprised and inspired me. I was inspired by people that were able to sit in the stillness and comfortableness and grow from that.

Sources of inspiration:

I encourage people to find real life examples in their own lives. Maybe it’s the store owner across the street or the neighbor that survived cancer. We are surrounded by heroes and examples of what it looks like to live an inspired life.

What I would like to read about myself:

That I made a difference, that I inspired just one person to try something new, to reach for their goals, to push themselves past what they thought they could achieve.