Dinah Richter Spritzer

Media & Diversity training, Media Confident

Wednesday 31.3.2021

I have just completed a 60,000-word academic textbook for the University of Phoenix on intercultural communication. I continue to advocate for a more progressive view on diversity and equity in the workplace, which goes hand in hand with intercultural awareness.

Topic:  Giving and Getting Feedback Without Losing Our Minds

We grow most through our failures. But we often bristle when someone points out that we can do better! Are we able to change from what we hear, or do we just want to bash the critic? How hard is it for us to provide feedback that really helps people grow? Do we believe that we can evolve, and that others can? We will discuss our best and worst feedback experiences and how to grow from them and help others grow.

Main thought for mentees:

Learning to give and get feedback in a productive way, in a way that makes us happy, is a lifelong journey. We are either bad at it, or we are improving.

What triggered me the most last year?:

REMOTE SCHOOLING twin boys who turned 9 in February while trying to work full time as an entrepreneur.

Sources of inspiration:

Fistful of talent

Which women i would like to meet:

Michelle Obama, Golda Meir, George Eilliot ( Mary Ann Evans)

What would help to make women’s VOICE in society to be moreheard?

A greater professional awareness that gender inequity is more covert than overt, and economically hurts men and families.

What I would like to read about myself:

That I was a person who made the world a better place, and helped people feel better about themselves and their lives.