Ewa Pachocka

Human Resources, Mars


Mentoring topic:  Take the big role dear friend – you are ready for it!!!

During my 20 years career as HR Director and member of few leadership teams, I was constantly observing female leaders doubting they readiness for this next big move. Some of them even rejecting them due to lack of certain skills or capabilities. But every occasion has its time, even if we don´t see it from the first glance. Life prepares us giving upfront lessons and challenges. But we can connect dots only when we look back!

What is the best advice you have ever gained?

You will never be ready for that big role/project/challenge. So dont wait for it – if that occasion knocks to your door – open then and welcome that opportunity. The rest you will figure out on the way!

Are you planning any change in 2022?

After 2 years of pandemic, I´m less into planning changes, I´m more about embracing the change and challenge my mindset to be flexible so there is no situation which can create unnecessary tension and stress.

How do you refill your energy?

I value big time physical activities: gym, yoga, etc. Recently i discovered the power of walking – has amazing impact on the body but also clear thinking. As a mum of 7 cats i obviously love playing with them!

What do you do when you can’t do something, as you imagined?

Life taught me to pause and reflect on reasons what i can´t accomplish what i imagine. Sometimes this process brings new ideas, but often the just a reflection that i probably miss some puzzles to see whole picture.