Adriana Jahňáková

General Manager LEGO CZ/SK


Adriana Jahňáková is the CEO of LEGO for the Czech and Slovak Republics. Formerly as a Senior Marketing Director LEGO REEMEA, she has led marketing Teams in 100 countries. She has bulit successful marketing teams and came up with business solutions for P&G, Coca-Cole, Plzeňský Prazdroj and LEGO Group. She has worked in local, regional and global positions in marketing and sales, and has lived and worked in 6 countries. She is a mentor in the programs Odyssey, Equilibrium and European Women on boards.

What do you do when something doesn’t work out for you the same way as you planned?

I would let it be… I would start to do something else and therefore I would create a distance. Then I would see things from a different perspective. Or I would ask myself: „How would a 6-year-old girl handle it?“

What would help to make women‘s VOICES more heard in the society?

If the girls have been raised since childhood like this and if they would see successful women in leadership roles since childhood.

Are you planning a „Change“ in 2022?

Yes, it will be a year full of innovations, prioritization and focusing on meaningful things.

What would I like to read about myself:

Recognition of my role as a mentor – from my successful mentees 🙂

Sources of inspiration:

Michele Obama „Becoming“, Madonna „Like a Virgin“