Elke Miltrup-Altunok

Senior Vice President HR | Regional People Lead Mondelēz Europe

Friday 31.3.2023

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

About me

Experienced Sen Vice President HR with a demonstrated history of working in the FMCG industry and supervisory board experience. Skilled as HR Business leader in Strategic Talent Management, Training and Organizational Effectiveness, Executive Coaching, and international Labor Relations expertise. Elke gathered a broad range of experiences in leading the people team in Europe through transformational change initiatives on a global scale, from M&A over global strategic and cultural shifts to regional restructuring initiatives.

What do YOU DO to be SEEN & HEARD?

Have a seat at the table and don’t wait to be asked- speak up and say what you have to say, don’t be shy.

What kind of CHANGE you would like to SEE & MAKE?

You need to be the change you want to see in the world. I want us to be more impatient when it comes to gender equality, Women in leadership teams, gender pay gaps, biases and lack of cultural diversity. If we continue like that research told us that we wait another 100 years for a change- I want to see a better world for women during my life time. But we need also men for that and their allyship! This is in the interest of men and women.

What kind of CHALLENGES are the most imporant in 2023?

We are heading to more challenging economic environment, which will have an impact on businesses we run. We need to make sure we manage the difficulties with integrity.

What are the topics that are not publicly spoken, but it definitely should be?

Lets talk about money- many women still not feel comfortable to ask for more. And lets talk about the fear of privileged men to lose something…- lets talk more about what they could gain as well…

What would your younger YOU should know?

I should have known that men are not more confident than women, they just dont talk about their insecurity.