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Before you start a virtual conference, be one step ahead! We recommend to download the Zoom app- Client application for meetings, which offers you many interesting and useful tools!

Profile picture

When you install the application (free), you can upload your photo in your profile. You will use it, for exemple when you have to turn off your camera. Show us at least your photo, you will always be with us!

Virtual background

Thanks to this application you can choose a “blurred” background in the settings, if you don´t want to share a place behind you. You can also enjoy the conference from the beach, from space or with your favorite virtual background.

For example me, in case of trouble in our virtual room, I am ready to help with anything, you know me easily, I am a #support and I have an EPD virtual background.

Video filters and effects

Don’t forget about accessories. What about such red lipstick? A red beret? It’s the color of EPD!

Why red and a red handbag? Red in accounting means minus. Therefore, the color red symbolically indicates that women still earn almost 20% less than men.

Try it, it´s a game! We look forward to seeing you this Friday!