2022konferencevšechny aktuality

Edina Seleskovic & Zlatko Berbic: We are addicted to change

Edina Selesković is an artist with many years of international exhibiting experience originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is recognized within the United States art scene and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Edina has been creating art to show the role of culture in our society. She has won many awards, such as the Sculpture Space Fellowship, Sam and the Adele Golden Foundation Fellowship in New York and World Citizen Artists Award 2020.

Zlatko Berbić has been an entrepreneur and founder and director of Radio Kameleon. Zlatko is the creator and producer of numerous campaigns, including three Guinness World Records, the Sarajevo Heart of Europe, the Sarajevo Grand Prix and the arrival of the Tour de France in Sarajevo, and major regional projects such as My Life is My Song. He met Edina when she held an exhibition in Bosnia and Herzegovina and they fell in love. Today they have been together for ten years and have a daughter. Edina describes Zlatko as a man, who has never had a boss and who has always done things the way he wanted.

At the 13th year of the Equal Pay Day conference Edina and Zlatko spoke about:

  • Edina‘s experience in the United States
  • About situation when Edina had nothing, but the freedom to follow her dream
  • Making changes in the society in Bosnia and Herzegovina together