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Brody Sari Einy


Sari Brodi the Head of Diversity IKEA Group will visit Prague and will be the key note speaker on the first day of conference EQUAL PAY DAY.

Teaching women to find their drive

Already on April 13 and 14, the 9th annual event of the legendary Equal Pay Day - WOMEN TO THEMSELVES, the largest educational event in the Czech Republic, will take place at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague. The event is organized by the non-profit organization Business & Professional Women. Two days of energy, networking, sharing, inspiration and support are waiting for you.

There are a lot of stories waiting for you. There is no such place hosting so many exceptional and inspirational personalities. This year’s conference guests will be: Her Excellency Barbara C. Richardson, Ambassador of Canada, Lenka Bradáčová, Chief Prosecutor, Sari Brody, Global Director of Diversity and Leadership IKEA Group. The invitation was also accepted by Maggie Semple, a world-renowned, successful British businesswoman, as well as by Petra Končelíková, the founder of wFund.vc that aims to invest in companies founded and run by women. Also Tatiana Gregor Kuchařová. Nicole Erdmann, IKEA Country Property Manager, Kateřina Zapletalová, a member of the board of directors of Moser, or Simona Kijonková, the founder of Zásilkovna, often referred to as the first lady of e-commerce, will appear in panel discussions. Please, find here more information about the program and the guests.

Saturday’s mentoring day is based on the unique principle of speed mentoring. About 60 experienced managers and businesswomen present variety of themes in one hour blocks, particularly in the areas of professional and personal development. The mentoring program can be found here. WHERE YOU CAN ALSO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS

„Our goal is to change the position of women in society by teaching them to have a drive and creating a freedom of choice for them,“ says Lenka Šťastná, president of the non-profit organization Business & Professional Women CR.

Check out the 8th year video.

Do you want to know why the Equal Pay Day event – WOMEN TO THEMSELVES takes place? Are you looking for more information? Just have a look at www.mentorky.cz.


Text pro EPD 2018 přeložila Věrka Koukalová

Loredana Popasav

Why are women joining the Equal Pay Day Conference in Prague?

„5 years ago, when I was first invited to be a mentor for the EPD, my first answer was “But I’m not a feminist, are you sure you want me?” They seemed to be satisfied with the fact that I am a woman. Joining them at that event though made me aware not only about the pay gap between genders, but about the overall gender gap in terms of opportunities, access to higher positions, education, or influence. Once I became aware of it, I couldn’t unsee and I had to do something about it. So for the last 5 years I am part of the Equal Pay Day movement in Prague.

So, why do I think you should come? Wheatear if you’re Czech or foreigner?

To summarize, EPD is an international issue, a global issue, which needs a global, fundamental solution, which can come from a strong and diverse community willing to work together. The conference in Prague creates the ground for this to happen. I’ll explain myself:

1. The way I see it, the equality of payment is not a Czech only issue, it is an international issue, for example, at the level of European Union, the pay gap is of 16.3%. At this point there isn’t any country in the world with a perfect balance, however the Scandinavian countries made the most progress towards equality.  So wherever you’re from, this is your problem, because this is our problem and we should be at least aware we have it.

2. Why come to Prague? Prague is no longer only the capital of Czech Republic, but a regional and international center for large and small multinational companies and organizations. It’s no wonder therefore that the Equal Pay Day movement created in Prague is a leader in the region, by both the scale and the level of expertise.

The conference in Prague is a unique place where we can all talk about solutions to the pay gap. We are made stronger by the size and diversity of the community created around the Equal Pay Day in Czech Republic.

3. The international women, either speakers, mentors or audience members, come to Prague because this is the place with the vision and courage to actually have an Equal Pay Day movement on a scale unmet by the countries around.

But EPD is also a great community of Czech and international women, a community that is talking together and sharing their experiences with each other, or the solutions they all found, which is not only making us richer by the experience, but it also sets the first steps in delivering long lasting solutions on a larger scale.

Diversity brings the best ideas and that’s why people appreciate the international scope of the conference.

To find out about me and my projects, please go to www.porozumenimysli.cz. I am the co-founder of the NGO called The Human Potential Academy and we hold the event Understanding Human Mind in May 2018.

Loredana Popasav

Executive coach

The Simplified Mind

Erdman Nicole 2

Nicole Erdmann, guest speaker of EPD conference

Meet Nicole during the Friday´s conference 13th of April.

Nicole graduated in Germany at the Technical University of Darmstadt (TUD) in architecture. After her second degree as “Bauassessor” at the urban planning department of Frankfurt city she worked for several years as project developer for residential  areas.

Almost 9 years ago she started in IKEA as Real Estate project manager at IKEA Verwaltungs-GmbH in the German IKEA organisation. After the development of an IKEA store integrated in a Shopping Centre of IKEA Centres in Lübeck (north Germany) she was Deputy Property Manager Germany. Since September 2014 she is responsible for the Property & Expansion of IKEA in CZHUSK region.

At 14th of June 2017- after 13 years no-expansion- the 8th store in the region and the 3rd store in Hungary in Budapest Soroksar successfully opened BREEAM “Very Good” and the journey goes on…

Erdman Nicole 2


Ambassador Barbara Richardson

Very special guest this year from Canada

Barbara Richardson joined the foreign service in 1988 and has served in the Philippines and as the Political Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission in Kenya (accredited to Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia and Eritrea). She was also Canada’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and to the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UN-HABITAT). She was Canada’s High Commissioner to Bangladesh 2005-2008 and then Ambassador to Zimbabwe and Angola and High Commissioner to Botswana.  Since return to Canada in 2011, she has been the Director General for Consular Operations, Director General for Mission Operations and Client Relations and Inspector General for Global Affairs. She was appointed Ambassador to the Czech Republic in October 2016 and she will attend the conference as a guest speaker.

Please welcome Ms Barbara Richardson.

Ambassador Barbara Richardson

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popasav_loredana 20140731_0460

A few questions for Loredana

What was the best experience for you at EPD 2016? I liked the energy of the event and the year to year evolution.

What is your message to woman that struggle with some obstacles within the work life balance?  You don’t have to think that. You can give up the struggle and you can give up the obstacles and think why could. you achieve balance.

What are you looking forward to this year´s EPD? I am looking forward to see women that made a change in their lives and are happy.


Robin wants to be a globally successful author.

What would you still reach in your life?

I want to be a globally successful author. I recently launched my first book, Two Broke Chicas Backpack Through South and Central America, Mexico and Cuba  on Amazon.

What, in general, can you say about the EPD impact/effect?

I met several women at the event who joined my networking table. Two of them have become part of a women’s mini-network that includes a few other women I have met in Prague from the Czech Republic and Romania. We now have regular dinners together, and talk about our career dreams and life desires. Some of the women were inspired to leave unsatisfactory jobs and find more satisfying ones. Even though one of the women has moved to Barcelona, we stay in touch and have created a network of support for each other. We have successfully combined women with children, with women planning children and women who are unsure that motherhood is where they want to go. There is room for all of it at our dinners.

What is your message to woman that struggle with some obstacles within the work life balance?

Well I was there myself, and you really have to shift your priorities. Baking cookies has to take backseat to getting reports out and spending time with your kids. I remember doing work in the car while I watched my kids at soccer practice. I found that being more satisfied with myself and my professional goals, made me a more interesting, happier mother. Having a good partner was critical. I had to remind myself that my children’s father was not doing me a favour by caring for his children. They were his children and caring for them was as important for his growth as a human, as it was for me.

What are you looking forward to this year´s EPD?

To meet more interesting women, and men who understand the benefit of being a partner to women, and to be inspired by their journeys.

Read more about Robin on this link.