Zlatko Berbic

Founder and Director of Radio Kameleon


Radio Kameleon, which he founded as the second private radio station in the region, has become synonymous with a modern, open, socially engaged, and different program, and its Marketing Agency Colosseum today is an influential marketing and event company supporting the development of free enterprise and a positive entrepreneurial atmosphere in BiH. Zlatko is the creator and producer of numerous campaigns, including three Guinness World Records, the Sarajevo Heart of Europe, the Sarajevo Grand Prix and the arrival of the Tour de France in Sarajevo, and major regional projects such as My Life is My Song. He is also the Vice President of the IAA, the founder and first president of the Rotary Club Tuzla ’99 and a member of the Assembly of OK BiH. He is the winner of the Citizen of Europe European Movement in BiH award and the Golden Charter of the International League of Humanists.

What do you do when you can’t do something, as you imagined?

I find another way to imagine it.

What do you think would help to make women’s VOICE be more heard?

Gender equality should be a dialogue involving both genders and openness to change.

Are you planning any „Change“ in 2022?

I plan to continue finding ways to make the change.

What would you like to read about yourself in the newspaper?

He was one of many who did not falter in the face of adversity.

Sources of inspiration:

TED talks