Vojta Urban

Lifestyle coach & Founder of Urbanlife project

Friday 31.3.2023

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

About me

I come from Vsetín in Wallachia, where I played hockey because there was nothing much else to do there besides drinking Slivovitz. After high school, I decided to make a living with my brain and went to Prague to study mathematics. But then a twist came and my passion for sports and working with people won. I started as a personal trainer and gradually assembled a team of experts in the fields of nutrition, movement, sleep and psychology, and with this comprehensive approach, we help clients and employees in companies to be healthier and happier..
In addition to coaching, my passions are sports, cold exposure, reading and also cooking, in which I competed in the MasterChef Czech Republic competition last year. After participating in the finals, my friend Betty and I also started cooking courses and tastings, where we try to pass on our knowledge and enthusiasm to others and create a unique gastronomic experience for them.