Vera Van Doninck

EMEA Talent Director of Wunderman

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Speed mentoring TOPIC

How to get more women in leadership positions?

While investigating the lack of women in leadership positions we found that women are often their own biggest barriers.

Recognizing a need to “empower women to empower themselves,” Wunderman launched Pass It On, a global program which encourages women to focus on what they want to achieve and how to build plans for success.

What kind of good advise would you like to share?

The lack of women in leadership roles is an important challenge across industries and Wunderman was determined to address it right here at the agency.

Together with an external partner we hold regular, regional workshops around the world. Both to empower women individually and give them the tools to empower the women and others around them.

I want to share what we’ve learned and the challenges we came across.

About me

I’m a Senior Talent Manager with a passion for people in general and their talent development in particular. I have a desire to build a learning culture that engages all talent, facilitates optimum performance and delivers business transformative results.

I live in Belgium – travelling back and forth to our London HQ. So I work mostly remotely. An ideal combination to be able to manage my family of 5 children.

Wish the best for 10th anniversary:

At Wunderman we inspire people to take action. I hope a Iot of people will get inspired  at EqualPayDay as well – in one way or another. And meet great people…