Susana Vestia

Director Learning, Leadership & Culture EU, PMI

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My mother me – The good, the bad and the ugly

A look into life as a working mom juggling parenting and career to find that sweet spot.
I love my job. I love my children. My current role is demanding, a full time schedule and lots of travelling included. When I started to travel more often for work, I searched everywhere for tips and tricks to remain connected with my kids and involve them in my life away.

To make it matter for them as it matters for me. I found very little… so I started to create my own tips and tricks. How to explain why I need to be away? How to still stay connected in a way that matters to them? Over the years, I have shared my experience with women across the globe that face the exact some challenges and together we find ways to manage those guilt feelings and at times even make it fun. I’d love to share my experience with you and to help you with your challenges. And to give you full disclosure, I thought I’d share as well my daughter’s perspective – all included, the good the bad and the ugly! My 9 year’s old will join the mentoring table and also talk about what she likes (that I work!), what she hates (that I travel!) and how we make what she hates a little less painful.

What kind of good advise would you like to share?

You have to make what is right for you. And that is at times different from what may be right for others. Know yourself, your dreams, your passions, learn what matters to you and always keep that in mind when taking important life decisions.

Wish the best for 10th anniversary:

That it celebrates another important step towards a world of true gender equality. Where all people are truly able to make the life choices they want and be recognized for the value they bring.

About me

I am a passionate about my job. I truly love my profession and believe that the work I do matters to organizations. I am passionate about people’s and teams development and have witnessed what can be achieved when you help people be at their best in organizations. I am married and a loving mother of 2 beautiful girls. I love travelling and working across cultures and I am lucky that my job allows me to do just that. I also want to be present and have a positive impact on my children’s growth. And doing all that isn’t always easy… Nothing is ever perfect but I am passionate in my quest to find the little things that make it work for me. Because it’s often about the small things, the moments that matter, in work and in life.