Steliana Economu

Founder Mothers as Leaders


Steliana is a mother, a writer and a leader-coach on positive intelligence. Originally from Romania, she now lives in The Hague with her Dutch husband and two kids. She believes that the world would be a better place if more women ‘would lean in’ to take leadership positions in society even after they become mums. Her book, ‚Mothers as Leaders'(2019), shed light on the leadership stories of 20 mothers from across the world and became the 1st step in her ambition to create a leadership development coaching practice and community for ambitious mothers. In 2020 she left behind her 20+years career in HR/OD leadership for Shell to start-up Ithaca Coaching. Mothers as Leaders. She last visited Prague in 2013, for the global WIN Conference, she loved it and would like to return.

What would help to make women’s VOICE in society to be moreheard?

To invite the world to prepare their ears for a softer, calmer and why not a more high-pitch and passionate leader voice. Raise awareness that the voice is not the problem, rather the receiving device who is naturally biased after so many male leaders speeches.

What inspired me the most last year?:

The mental fitness development program: Positive Intelligence that Shirzad Chamine launched and helped 1000 people to deal with the challenges of life with a positive rather than negative mindset. I become a pioneer Coach in his method and I am now helping people, especially women and mothers to bring it into their life as well.

Sources of inspiration:

Nelson Mandela: The walk to Freedom, The book ‚Mothers as Leaders‘ (S. van de Rijt-Economu), The Fix ( Michell.P. King), The Source (Tara Swart) and a sweet novel: Human Traces.

What I would like to read about myself:

A leadership coach who helps women thrive instead of survive in their career and family life after becoming mothers. The writer of the book mothers as Leaders claims that parenthood is more than a work-life balance dilemma for ambitious women but the best baptism in leadership, if they learn how to unlock its power.