Roman Stolejda

Founder of Programmatic Media

I have been working in sales and marketing for quite some time now since 1996, when I started working in the sales department at Sanoma. Subsequently, I moved into the print media. My steps led through VLP, Mladá Fronta and Mafra. The corporate environment was not really for me, so I decided to build my own company with my own policy. I founded the Programmatic Media in 2015, which is now part of the Media Bohemia Group.

„I’m kind of a workaholic who loves his job.“

I know that it is said that self-praise stinks, but I am extremely proud to have put together a team of professionals who are at the same time an excellent team, which of course is reflected in the work we do for our clients. I appreciate the trust, commitment and openness with which they do their work. I can say I’m really lucky with the people on my team.
We provide clients with standard and non-standard marketing services and strategies. We can handle almost everything in the team; from a performance campaign through creative events to a radio campaign, so the client knows exactly who takes care of him and whom he can always turn to. At the same time, we approach each client individually and create a tailor-made strategy using the channels that are most effective for him.
I admit that I am a bit of a workaholic, who loves his work, but when I manage to set a day off I spend it with my son, two dogs and or modeling. Yet, there is never enough time for everything. You know it, don’t you? 🙂