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I have been working in business and marketing for some time now, namely since 1996 when I started to work in the sales department at Sanoma. Then, I worked in the print media industry. My career took me to VLP, Mladá Fronta and Mafra. The corporate environment did not agree with me, so I decided to start my own company with my own way of doing things. In 2015, I founded Programmatic Media, which is today part of Media Bohemia.

Roman Stolejda

Founder Programmatic Media

„I am kind of workoholic who loves his work.“

⊕ Friday 29.3.2019

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I know that self-praise stinks, but I am really proud that I have managed to put together a team of professionals who also make for a great team, which is naturally reflected in the work we do for our clients. I appreciate their confidence, engagement and openness that they bring to work. I can say that I have been very lucky with the people on my team. We provide our clients both with standard and unconventional marketing services and strategies. We can handle almost anything “in house”, from a performance campaign to creative work to a radio campaign, so that our clients know who exactly is in charge of their business and who they can talk to. We also approach each of our clients individually and create a tailor-made comprehensive strategy using channels that are the most effective for them. I admit that I am a workaholic who loves his job and when I have a day off, I like to spend it with my son, my two dogs or making models. But there’s never enough time for anybody. You know it yourselves. 🙂