Olga Rajchikj

Co-founder & business development of GREEN IT & Rudnici Banjani AD Skopje


February in becoming a month of new beginnings. My startup is in final round of closing an investment from a business angel. We have proposals for expansion in other markets with our products. In the following period I am a speaker on several events. What is more exciting, is that I am preparing a concept for a new podcast (I have never done this before, thus I am both scared and super happy). I am eagerly waiting for the changes and new professional chapters that are about to come 🙂

Mentoring topic:  Manage your energy, not your time

How to work smarter and feel you had a productive day.

While time is a finite resource, energy works differently. Over time, a lack of energy can cause a dip in productivity, even when there’s more than enough time to get the required tasks done. Very recently I have faced the similar situation, therefore I started using productivity hacks, and energy exercises to help me get through this tough period. I would like to share my experience and tools, as well as exchange opinions on this topic with other women, thus we can have mutual learning process.

What is the best advice you have ever gained?

Never doubt yourself. Accept your mistakes and learn from them, because they shape you the person you need to become.

Are you planning any change in 2022?

I work and plan on expansion of my startup and professional career. Most importantly I plan of being inspired and inspire people around me.

How do you refill your energy?

I spend time alone, resting at home, reading books or listening to inspirational talks. Once a week I go hiking, or just take a long walk in order to clear my mind and get out all negative energy I have accumulated.

What do you do when you can’t do something, as you imagined?

I accept the situation and try to see how I can come as close as possible to the situation I have imagined. Sometimes I accept it and move forward to the next goal or undertake another opportunity/challenge.