Katalin Ertsey

First Secretary – Economic Section Hungarian Embassy

Tuesday  10.11.2020  14:15-15:15
Thursday  12.11.2020  14:15-15:15

I worked for various international NGOs in executive and consultant roles for 15 years, then moved on to the corporate sector advising clients on business ethics, Corporate Social Responsibilty and diversity issues in the telecom and media sectors, and government agencies. I served as an MP in the Hungarian parliament for the Green Party working on women’s issues, consumer protection and foreign affairs. I started my foreign service in Prague in 2016, working on science, innovation projects and startups. I promote Hungarian startups in the Czech Republic and work on developing new science and innovation cooperation projects between Hungarian and Czech professionals. I have a long and diverse experience in all three sectors – nonprofit, corporate and government – and built up special skills by living in several countries. I put all this to use by pro bono mentoring of local startups and coaches business leaders, especially women.

„You are respected and appreciated by a lot more people than you think.“

Mentoring topic: Share your responsibilities!

Most women take everything on their shoulders. In my session, I will discuss ways to involve others and multiply your efforts by sharing responsibilities: in your job, in your family.
I believe that women already carry most of the responsibilities that should be more equally shared. Both as leaders and as private persons, we tend to take on everything that we feel responsible for, because if we don’t, nobody will. I feel it is important to learn how to be responsible by involving others and create a sustainable collective effort around issues that matter to us so it does not lead to burnout.