Ivana Šedivá

Professional Mentor, Strategic Advisor, Ex-CMO McDonald’s


Saturday 27.3.2021

I was always choosing my own way. Starting from my AI studies, when it was not normal for a girl, joining boards of some of the best global companies, when I was too young for it, singing as alto in a major Hall, when I was too old for it, or becoming a scuba dive master, when it was a boy’s thing.

So I know: anything is possible.

Topic:  How to influence others, how to identify manipulation

Know how to make sure, that the right idea, strategy, solution is adopted by others. How to find supporters from within and outside the organization. How to identify manipulation. And how to stay authentic.

We will talk about the subjects, which a lot of women do not like to deal with. The right solution speaks for itself, doesn’t it. I do not have to influence others, do I. It almost sounds like manipulation, right? Let’s make it straight. The answer is no.

I will offer a point of view and few approaches, which will allow us to have an impact and be influential, and still live our values.

Let’s inspire each other by our own successes and failures.

Main thought for mentees:

Like it or not, we do influence others all the time. So let’s do it consciously, and let’s stay in our strengths and values.

What triggered me the most last year?

Starting my own business after 27 years in corporations.

Which woman i would like to meet:

A real Mary Magdalena. A strong woman collaborating with a strong man.

What would help to make women’s VOICE in society to be moreheard?

It all starts with wanting to be listened to. With having guts to be heard. Then the paths start appearing. ‘Cause anything is possible