Flavia Gomez Aragao

Global VP International Supply Chain at AB Inbev

Friday 31.3.2023

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

About me

International Executive, with experience in International Logistics Operations, Supply Chain Planning, Project Management and start up environment. Target oriented and with strong People and work ethics.

I can say, two main things motivate me every day to be a better person and a better professional:
“What we know matters but who we are matters more” and “We have to be the change we want to see.”
#ActAsOwner #Equality&Diversity&Inclusion

What do YOU DO to be SEEN & HEARD?

Authenticity (be yourself) is very important to make sure that you have the credibility on what you talk and be confident of your value. Another way is, asking the right questions! You don’t need to be the one speaking the most, but the one triggering the right thinking.

What kind of CHANGE you would like to SEE & MAKE?

I truly believe on the value of diversity and inclusion to make a good and productive work environment which plays a very important role on the individuals performance. It is the responsibility of each of us to make it happen.

What kind of CHALLENGES are the most imporant in 2023?

With respect to equality, bringing the genuine acknowledgment that it is not only about diversity figures improvement, speaking about the topic or giving a safe environment to speak up. But on how to make the profound change on people’s mindset and remove their unconscious bias. In parallel, work on women’s confidence on their believes on their own abilities.

What are the topics that are not publicly spoken, but it definitely should be?

We speak a lot about the equality, diversity and inclusion on work environment and more and more those discussions are starting in an earlier stage on our professional careers which is very good. However, we should also hear more discussions about what challenges on our current education system should occur to propel the creativity, potential and confidence of women since young ages.

What would your younger YOU should know?

  • Strong self esteem and self believe are needed! Still keeping the step on the ground, being hamble and with strong empathy;
  • Acknowledge the power of networking and build it from the beginning;
  • Even in moments when we think that the differences do not exist, we need to be an agent of the equality. Issues on inequality normally comes later in career stages.