Edita Szábóová

General manager of Mary Kay CR/SR

Edita Szabó has been with Mary Kay for over 20 years. In 2000, she founded a branch in Slovakia, which she has been managing since then. In April 2019, Edita Szabó became CEO of Mary Kay CR / SR.

Under her leadership, the branch achieved a number of successes last year, including several major regional awards for excellence, such as the European Cup for the Best Performance in Europe. Both branches are actively involved in many different charitable activities.

What does Edita Szabó admire about the company and why does she want to continue to participate in its development?
“Mary Kay is exceptional. Thanks to our career ladder, virtually every woman can become an entrepreneur with unlimited earnings, plan her work and private time and lead her life according to her own wishes. That’s what I love about Mary Kay.”