Daria Maslovskaia

People&Organisation Director Central Europe, Mars s.r.o.

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Over the 14 years I spent at Mars, where I had the possibility to work in different fields, positions, and regions holding a variety of senior roles across the People & Organization function. Since October 2021 I work in Central Europe Mars Multisales. Together with leadership team I now continue building great organization where associates can thrive and be themselves.

What do you think would help to make women’s VOICE be more heard?

I believe there might be 2 layers of leveraging women`s voices. First, as organization, we need to create a space and consciously ask women/us on what are the barriers, what are the needs and where we can support. And be ready to listen as and follow up on it. We also need to face the reality and analyze facts. Second: I think we as women ourselves should be more vocal on all above and lead the change starting from the way we interact, contract and behave.

Sources of inspiration:

I have plenty of inspirational examples. One would be Viktoria Mars.