Claudia Pirani

President of BPW São Paulo Brasil


A woman who always looks for positive and creative ways to do the same differently. She faces challenges with an open mind to learn and develop. Entrepreneurship means learning from mistakes and risking to accomplish.

What would help to make women’s VOICE in society to be moreheard?

Clear concepts of our paths.
Learning to ask for help makes a difference in the growth and development of all of us, as well as saying no and setting our limits without feeling guilty or bankrupt for not being able to do everything.
We will always have something to do, but learning to accept it makes us have less to carry.

What inspired me the most last year?

Difficult question, but I believe that this desire to „is what we have for the moment and what we can do with it“. 2020 was a year of adjustments, learning and reflections on what we have and how we will continue. How we really want to continue living.

Sources of inspiration:

Taking even more advantage of this period that we are having access to technology, a lot of good things can be researched and learned, seen and even used on the internet. Especially on the subject, it has many articles, research and documents. The research developed by institutions is very rich, the WEF – Word Economic Forum report, for example, brings us many important clippings from society and thoughts. This compilation of information is necessary to better understand where we are and what we should do.

What I would like to read about myself:

That I bring pertinent information and contribution so that more women demystify biases and develop themselves on basic issues to feel able to be who they really were born to be.