Anu Viks

BPW Europe Regional Coordinator


My homeland is Estonia, a lovely seaside country in North-East of Europe with innovative mind and creative people. I am the Regional Coordinator of BPW Europe. BPW Europe unites more than 18000 women all over Europe, we have members in almost every country. BPW Europe is part of Business and Professional Women International.

The aim of BPW Europe is equal opportunities and status for women in the economic, civil and political life. BPW members:
• takes professional responsibility on all levels in economy, politics and society
• thinks and acts locally, nationally and internationally
• practices networking, mentoring and lobbying
• enjoys lifelong learning
• works with United Nations agencies and other international organizations
• develops friendship

The BPW federations and associate clubs of Europe have been running the Equal Pay Day campaign for the past ten years and will continue to do so in the coming years.
Throughout my life I have been following my moto “Everything is possible”. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Set a goal for yourself and you will achieve it.
I can say I have the “kaleidoscope” career – I am the Regional Coordinator of BPW Europe. BPW is the voluntary organization and the more you give the more you receive back. Besides working in the road transport industry I have been a teacher of languages for children, author of several study books, editor, guide and at present the trainer and I have my own business Gallo Coffee, where I and my daughter import and sell Italian coffee with the brand name “Gallo”.

What do you think would help to make women’s VOICE be more heard?

Concentrate of female strengths. Use the strengths women are strong at – creating positive emotions around the matter on hand, being more empathic and concentrating on solving the issue. We are better negotiators when we have to negotiate on someone’s behalf. Women use the inclusive leadership style and embrace most people around them. Together we are strong and can achieve everything we set our mind to. Inclusion – innovation – inspiration are the key words.