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Teambuilding on EqualPayDay? Why not!

TICKET for the Equal Pay Day for women from your team will be great as:

  • a employee benefit that will support your talents, encourage and activate them, bring new impulses by breaking the daily routine with a work-experience program
  • a motivational tool for new ideas, new energy and courage to do something extra for herself and for the company
  • a quick upgrade for talented women on parental leave
  • encouragement to joint programs and projects and acknowledgments
Tickets 2024
Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
Two days
11. – 12. 4. 2024
11. 4. 2024
Empower Day
12. 4. 2024
January & February252€213€65€
March & April295€256€65€

Order individual tickets HERE.
Order teambuilding tickets packages 10+1 for free, 15+2 for free, 20+3 for free
by e-mail to or tel +420 731 970 136.

Why do companies cooperate with Equal Pay Day?

Professionalism and high-quality content of the conference – selected speakers co-create content and atmosphere. High level of female mentoring (in 2023 there is possibility to choose offline or online form for flexible involvement of all women).

Empowerment – strengthening and uniting team spirit by sharing experiences, inspiration by female role models motivates, adds strength and energy to change and improve.  

New contacts and benefits of intercompany networking, when participants become the pioneers of positive change in the company, come up with new ideas and inspire other women in their surroundings. 

Only once a year we bring an unique opportunity to meet in a safe and welcoming environment, which is enjoyed both by the audience and speakers. Significant loyalty and enthusiasm.

There are regularly sent teams from IKEA, MARS, Uniqa, ČEPS, Allianz, Rossmann, Synlab, Mondeléz, Mary Kay, Essox, DHL, ING, GSK and other important partners.