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Why do we go conferences?

Have you ever considered for what reason you are spending all that money and time? Of course, you can list  “7 reasons of why you should go” – like learning new tips and tricks and having networking opportunities, but it can’t be only for that. Because  – really everything is available online. For tips and tricks, there are blog posts to read, for learning, there are online courses to take, for connecting with your peers there are Facebook and LinkedIn groups to join – and you do it all at your leisure…

But, no matter how convenient the digital world is, it can’t be compared with the real-life experience of the interconnectedness of people. The power that conferences have is to create this experience that allows us to transform.

Why? Because we want to change. Transformation is one of the human desires.  We want to become wiser, better, more equipped, more accepted and more at peace. When we get together, united by this purpose, we make our own transformation possible.

When we are closely connected, not just by technology, and we share our worldviews – something wonderful starts to happen. We learn by real examples, we get a deeper understanding and we find more and new ways to catalyze the change.

Come and learn from others and give back – share your knowledge, idea, something that matters to you the most. The reason is to look at the world not from an individual perspective but from the perspective of all of us – and it’s in our power to make it a better place.