Where are we heading?

By 19. 3. 2019 No Comments

Lots of great panels are ready for you at this year’s Equal Pay Day. The first topic is “Kam směřujeme/Where are we heading” will be facilitated by Andrea Ferancova Bartonova. Andrea is a president of ESPIRA Investment. She believes that the world is getting faster and faster and the perception is changing, thus we cannot imagine what kind of jobs our kids would do one day.

First speaker on the panel will be Mounia El Hilali Acherkouk Yakhlef the CEO of IKEA for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. She loves working with cultures and believing that it is needed to create best conditions for people can be beneficial for everybody. All of us have the power to do something with that. It is necessary to bring happiness to both workers and customers because then the results will be much more impactful.

Second panel speaker will be Miroslava Simova the CEO of Jan Becher Pernin Ricard, one of the Czech leading liquor company. She believes in peoples strengthens, which is a part everyone should pay more attention to. As other mentioned women, she would like to see more women in business – from family to governmental stakeholders.

Furthermore, it is a pleasure to let you know that Vera Van Doninck, who is EMEA Talent Director Wunderman Thompson, will join us on this panel. Vera is passionate about people and seeking their talents. She inspires and she get inspired by other people. We can always get inspired from each other.

Last but not least, I would like to introduce you Ewa Pachocka, who is Central Europe HR director for Mars. She values her experience in HR which makes her who she is nowadays. It is another perspective which provides us impact in the future. All diversity and inclusion are important and Ewa believes that personal development and growth really matter.

Come along to this panel and get inspired by those who were willing to follow different path than anyone else and who are changing the perception about women in business.