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Robin wants to be a globally successful author.

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What would you still reach in your life?

I want to be a globally successful author. I recently launched my first book, Two Broke Chicas Backpack Through South and Central America, Mexico and Cuba  on Amazon.

What, in general, can you say about the EPD impact/effect?

I met several women at the event who joined my networking table. Two of them have become part of a women’s mini-network that includes a few other women I have met in Prague from the Czech Republic and Romania. We now have regular dinners together, and talk about our career dreams and life desires. Some of the women were inspired to leave unsatisfactory jobs and find more satisfying ones. Even though one of the women has moved to Barcelona, we stay in touch and have created a network of support for each other. We have successfully combined women with children, with women planning children and women who are unsure that motherhood is where they want to go. There is room for all of it at our dinners.

What is your message to woman that struggle with some obstacles within the work life balance?

Well I was there myself, and you really have to shift your priorities. Baking cookies has to take backseat to getting reports out and spending time with your kids. I remember doing work in the car while I watched my kids at soccer practice. I found that being more satisfied with myself and my professional goals, made me a more interesting, happier mother. Having a good partner was critical. I had to remind myself that my children’s father was not doing me a favour by caring for his children. They were his children and caring for them was as important for his growth as a human, as it was for me.

What are you looking forward to this year´s EPD?

To meet more interesting women, and men who understand the benefit of being a partner to women, and to be inspired by their journeys.

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