Meet&Greet Blanka Matragi

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The last speaker on Friday will be the owner and creative director of Matragi design s. r. o., Blanka Matragi, unconventional workaholic with the sense of professionalism. Blanka completely changed the perception of fashion within the Czech Republic.

Her way of approaching the world has been based on uniqueness and originality which influenced lots of people all around the world. Her key to
success is accepting the world as it is – the fast reflection of needs of current times but with a sense of innovation and imagination. Her goal is to change the boundaries of imagination which are important for everyone, even you.

„Think and act in an unconventional way.“

She hopes that she will be able to get new inspiration and impulses from the Conference. She can share her journey to success with others and show her 40 year old career where she experienced lots of challenges which influenced her along her journey. She hopes that this event would help the other women finding their self-confidence since it is one of the most important element in humans life.

Join us on 29th and 30th March in Clarion Congress Hotel Prague for 10th annual Equal Pay Day.