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Loredana Popasav: The paradox of feelings and money

Money doesn’t equal happiness. Despite what people say.  Despite advertisements that simply tell us that we will be happier if we make the right purchase. And because money can buy us lots of things we somehow fall into the trap of believing that money will also buy us a sense of security and comfort, that they will make us at peace with ourselves. Will they really?

So let’s talk about money, or more specifically, what money can’t do – give us a sense of security or comfort.

Money is a human creation so you don’t have to carry your goats to the market and exchange them for the nice iPhone. Everybody is talking about money, you hear more about money than you hear about people. We put our happiness at stake for the amount of money we would like to earn, or the money we lost. We, innocently, think money creates feelings, or a sense of security. But money – coins, bills, checks, bank statements, are completely neutral and have no power whatsoever to give you, or anyone else in the world, a feeling, whatever that feeling might be – good or bad. Money can’t give you neither grief, or anger, or security, or comfort, or happiness, or peace of mind. But sometimes, it seems like money does give us a sense of security, or comfort, or lack of it. We have all experienced these kind of feelings, or many other variations of these feelings. The pay rise, the yearly bonus, the 200Kc bill you find in your spring coat pocket that makes you feel you’ve just won the lottery. Now, that 200Kc bill, or the pay raise, has no power to give you any feeling. It can’t give you a good feeling or a bad feeling. That feeling is created by thought, thought in the moment, that feeling is not created by money.

The only place that feeling of security can come from is inside us, it’s always been coming from inside us and it always will come from inside us. This is the game changer, knowing where to look, when we search for security. Knowing that the safety net is built in and it’s definitely not made of money. Every feeling in the spectrum is a creation of our own thinking in the moment.

What I’m trying to say is – money is an inanimate object, or number, that helps us trade for goods, products and services. Money can’t create feelings, because the only place feelings can come from is our own thinking in the moment. That sense of security that all of us is looking for and trying hard to pay for, is built in. It’s inside us. Money is just something that we get for our goods, products and services and something that we give for other goods, products and services. Money has nothing to do with our feelings. It’s our thinking that creates our feelings in the moment.

Why is this big, or important? Because understanding where that feeling of security comes from, opens up a whole new world of possibilities. When the pressure is off, we can see more clearly. We understand our value and the value of our good, product, or service. We see ways to improve and increase that value. We see when we are undervalued and we find constructive ways to correct that. We see new ways to create value, to get more for our goods, products, or services. We see with fresh eyes.

There is a joke that says “Best things in life are free, the second best things are very expensive” and we only need money for the second best 😉

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