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Use Equal Pay Day as teambuilding

Do you have money left in your budget by the end of the year for education or talent support? Pre-pay for conference tickets, mentoring, the investment zone and the entire Equal Pay Day program, which is simultaneously translated and guarantee English speaking mentors and speakers. 

A TICKET to Equal Pay Day: 

  • employee benefit – a sense of recognition and investment in their professional development, increasing their loyalty and job satisfaction
  • empowerment to support, encourage and activate talents
  • Demonstrating your commitment to the values of equal opportunities, leading to an improved company image and attraction for new talent
  • CSR – promoting diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Employee makes valuable contacts that may lead to future business opportunities or collaborations
  • HR marketplace – the company extends its reach and creates new business and working partnerships
  • Quick upgrade for parents on/after maternity leave – fostering team spirit
  • Sharing innovative practices and ideas gives companies a head start on the competition

Thank You notice to the business partners and clients

Package prices until the end of 2023 for early birds prices:

  • 10+1 free tickets to the conference on 11.4. 2024 for the price of 39.000 CZK + VAT
  • 15+2 free tickets for the conference on 11.4. 2024 for the price of 58.500 CZK + VAT
  • 10+1 free tickets for the mentoring and invest zone on 12.4.2024 15.000 CZK + VAT
  • 15+2 free tickets for mentoring and invest zone 12.4. 2024 22.500 CZK + VAT
  • 20+3 free tickets for mentoring and invest zone 12.4. 2024 30.000 CZK + VAT
  • Tickets 10+1 free Two-day favored for the price of 48.000 CZK + VAT

Order by email at or by phone 731 970 136.
Order online and pay by card. Free tickets will automatically be added to your account.

🎄If you wish to order tickets as a Christmas gift, just print them and insert your company name and send us the list of recipients by email later. 

Would you like to join us as a partner of the 15th annual, where you will have the unique opportunity to represent your brand, share expertise and make valuable contacts? Email us at We look forward to meeting you in person.