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Managing Director of Coaching4Success

DUET „Byznys je byznys – pro muže, stejně jako pro ženy“

Dva zkušení manažeři v otevřeném vzájemném dialogu o ženách a mužích v byznysu. Nenechte si ujít jiskření mezi dvěma silnými osobnostmi. Každý pochází z jiné kultury. Ani pro jednoho z nich není čeština rodným jazykem a Česko rodnou zemí, přesto tu jsou úspěšní. Proč? Zeptáme se na Equal Pay Day…


Something about myself

Karin  founded L’Epée Coaching & Consulting in the United States in 1988. After a decade of rapid growth in the US, she transferred her operations to the Czech Republic where she has enjoyed great success as a professional business coach.

Karin creates and delivers targeted coaching and training programs aimed primarily at mid and top-level managers. Her focus is on developing leadership, cross-cultural understanding and effective communication in the global business environment.

Beginning her training with qualifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC) techniques from Tony Robbins in the United States in 1989, Karin has committed to a program of ongoing professional development.

Interview with Karin Genton-L’Epée

Why did you decide to participate at the conference Equal Pay Day- Ženy sobě?

I was invited by Boyan Neytchev, Managing Director Bel Central Europe

What do you think it is the main impact of this event? Why do you think women should join

this event?

The opportunity to meet interesting people, to share experiences, ideas, to network

What are you looking forward to at the conference?

The opportunity to meet interesting people, to share experiences, ideas, to network

What do you think is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

In the business world:

A coaching relationship focuses on results and performance. A coach is usually a professionally trained expert in coaching. Most coaching programs imply a financial agreement for the coaching sessions.

A mentoring relationship is mostly oriented toward an exchange of support, learning and/or guidance for the purpose of personal growth and professional development. The relationship is based on mutual trust, the mentoring sessions are usually free of charge.

Do women need this kind of help – mentoring or coaching?

Both men and women can benefit from mentoring and/or coaching depending on their needs and expectations

Is it necessary for women to have a mentor or a coach?

Coaching and Mentoring are helpful approaches but not necessary to succeed

What is your favorite country and why

France as my homecountry for its quality of life

United States of America for being the land of opportunity

Czech Republic for its peaceful life

What would you do with the money if you had 22% extra on top of your salary?

I will update my bucket list

What does success mean to you?

Reaching goals, achieving objectives, small and big

What do you do when things do not go the way you planned?

I take a deep breath and reevaluate my objectives and strategy and adapt accordingly

Who you think is the greatest woman in history up to your opinion?

Eleanor Roosevelt (Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wife). She advocated to expand roles for women in the workplace and she oversaw the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What would you still manage/reach in your life?

I would like to help the younger generations learn and understand the importance of knowing who they are and what they want from an early age and to help them stand up for themselves and what they think is important

What do you appreciate the most of people or life?

I appreciate smart and generous people

Where and how do you charge back your energy after a hard day?

At home with loved one