Current job, company: 

Managing Director of Bel Central Europe

DUET „Business is business – for men as well as women „

Two experienced managers in an open  dialogue about women and men in business. Do not miss the sparks between two strong personalities. Each of them comes from a different culture. For neither one of them is not Czech a native language and Czech is not a native country, yet they are successful here. Why? We ask on Equal Pay Day …


Something about me: 

We are a 150 old French family company, known for its cheese brands in the region like The Loughing Cow, Kiri, Leerdammer, Gervais, Smetanito and Zeletava. We employ close to 200 people in Czech Republic, of which is 70% women.

Why did you and your company decide to support Equal Pay Day – Ženy sobě?
Gender diversity and inclusion are core conviction at Bel, as well as a strong personal one. We want to share our experience and hopefully inspire others to follow.

What do you think it is the main impact of this event? Why do you think women should join this event?
Hopefully, they will find approaches and ideas of how to contribute further for their own personal progress on the issues of diversity and equality in the workplace and also make the Czech society progress collectively.

What are you looking forward on the conference?

I am looking forward to inspire others with our experiences and also learn from others in order to further improve the practices in our company.

What do men and women have in common?

We are human beings and we share similar values and goals in life: happiness, peace, love, success, raising happy and healthy children.

What is your favourite food?

My daily „superfood“ is simply made by a few bananas.

Rozhovor s Boyanem Neytchevem

How did you manage to be successful in foreign country? Do you think that there is some formula for it?

Having an open mind, intense listening to the people and embracing their differences rather than judging is important. Look to understand before being understood has been always very useful.

Do you find language barrier as a burden?

Not really, the open mindset is more important.

What do you like and dislike about Czech business women in comparison with your homeland, Austria and France?

There is nothing I dislike and I do not have any right to judge. Very personally and subjectively, I think that taking 3 years of maternity leave for a child, the way it is practiced in both Czech and in Austria is a bit extreme. Likewise, a four-month maternity leave like mostly done in France is also extreme in my opinion. I personally find the balance somewhere in the middle, with part-time approach after 4 or 6 months and gradually getting up to full-time when the child is 2 years old. But again, this is very personal, and each individual and society should strive for their own approach.

You are father of 2 daughters. How would you like to raise them to be successful and satisfied? Do you have any recommendation?

This is an intimidating topic on which I am looking forward to learning rather than give advices. Raising my daughters is my biggest “leadership” challenge, and I cannot get enough help and advice. I can give recommendations in a decade or two if things work out well ☺

What is your favorite sports?

Currently, I mostly run and mountain-bike and during our holidays we love to kitesurf with my wife