Mentoring is guidance and support given by a professionally senior mentor to a junior mentee helping them to grow professionally as well as personally. Usually it is one to one.


Speed Mentoring can affect more women. During an hour long round table workshops the mentor works with around 15 participants dealing one chosen topic. The constructive feedback and active participation enrich other mentees as well as the mentor.

There is no need to be afraid of speed mentoring – it’s about knowledge sharing, inspiration and positive motivation. You will not be tested, questioned nor judged. Just relax and speak if you want. Or just listen.

Our mentors are women who have experienced success and failures and who are willing to share their time with you and show you examples of how things can be done. A mentor is a positive person who is there to give guidance and encouragement.

A mentee – you – is the equal partner, however different your life situation, experience or qualification is.
You will listen to hear her story and perhaps talk and share your own.

Why we do mentoring at Equal Pay Day?

  • it shows women as role models, there are strong women characters among us
  • it demonstrates the importance of solidarity and networking among women
  • it shows that professionally successful woman is the same human like we are
  • it gives inspirations and empowers women to learn in a safe and enjoyable circle

How should I chose my mentor? Why do I need reserve in advance?

  • chose a suitable time slot 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 or 17-18 hrs
  • check mentor´s profiles and their topics (we offer Czech and English speaking)
  • by reserving a slot in advance you will avoid having to find a free space at a round table at the event where the choice might be limited

What to expect on that day?

  • you will meet chosen mentor at a round table together with new participants
  • please expect a pleasant conversation with like-minded people
  • we welcome your active participation, however no one will force you to speak
  • it is YOUR free time so please come positively tuned and make the most of the event for yourself
  • be ready to gain new perspectives, exchange ideas and enjoy the networking

English speaking mentors

Are you joining us?


We have recruited the top business experts, thought leaders, influencers, and coaches to present to you. You will never find a larger pool of experts at one single event.

„Every year I am fascinated by the amount of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity that this event is charged with.

Pinkavova-Jirkovska-Radmila epd

I feel recharged and full of positive energy several months after the conference. But it is not only that, I highly appreciate the practical part of the conference – the opportunity to support women, share my own experience and learn from the experience of others. Every year I learn something new.“

Radmila Pinkavova-Jirkovska, Director of Human Resources Management, TV Nova

„Come and see for yourself. You may want to come back.“

Like Radmila there are many others returning to the event, the program changes, but the atmosphere of support and inspiration always remains the same.

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