Maybe you were also raised by a motto that we do not talk about money. We think we have to talk about it. The gap between the pay of men and women is the second highest in the Czech Republic, among EU - almost 23%.

It is mostly women and children who are at risk of poverty. There are more numbers to be worry about. For example that almost 1/3 of women get an average salary. You can find more information in the study: ACTUAL pay gap between men and women in CR

Let us invite you for conference, which will take place on Friday, the 13th of April 2018

1. WHY don’t we talk about money?

In a panel discussion we will talk about the way we handle money, how we ask not only for money but also for promotion. We will think through the reason why don’t we help each other.

2. Investing into yourself is not useless spending.

Well known Maggie Semple will arrive from London to talk about her perspective on business clothes, others will talk about results coming from investments into your growth and happiness. Kaouthar Darmoni from the University of Amsterdam combines her academic passion with a passion for dance – she educates „corporate goddesses“ to become women´s leadership ambassadors.

3. Where is the money?

Angelic funding – no, it is not any esoteric term; again, it is about money. Particularly it is about investments into business. Did you know that there is no legislature for micro financing? Simona Kijonkova, the owner of Zásilkovna, will talk about this with her guests.

Our conference is international. You will have the opportunity to meet not only with Czech women but also to hear experiences of women from Georgia, Qatar, Dubai and other countries.

Equal Pay Day – Ženy Sobě is the biggest work eventful conference in the Czech Republic with the longest tradition. We help women in their personal growth, career, we build their confidence to ask what they are entitled to – and that is the real equality. Simply said work “work out butts off” but it is also a lot of fun and time that we enjoy.
The program of the conference will be continually compiled and you can watch it online on our Facebook page.

How was is in 2017?

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a všechny příspěvky byly simultánně tlumočeny