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Businesstalkme.com: To speak, or not to speak, that is the question

Mentoring session summary: Women and Power with Karin Genton L’Epee The question of why the society is critical of powerful and ambitious women and how it causes ambivalence about women’s own ambitions. The art of Parisian charm and American attitude to business is how I’d describe Karin Genton-L’Epée. She is charismatic, high-energy and sincere in her […]

Businesstalkme.com: The intelligence of the hearts

Interview with Giuseppa (Pinella) Bombaci, Regional Coordinator BPW Europe  Equal Pay Day raises awareness about the gender pay gap. For instance, in the Czech Republic, the difference of wages earned by men and women is around 22%. What factors do you think might contribute to that difference? Pinella Bombaci: As everything in our lives, the pay […]

Businesstalkme.com: Sharing the beauty of life with others

Tatana Gregor Brzobohata is the winner of Miss World. She is the one and only Czech who won this title. She is also one of a few founders of non-profits in the Czech Republic who support the elderly. For many years she has been working in a field that is apparently not attractive for other nonprofits […]

Businesstalkme.com: Keynote address by Ambassador Barbara C. Richardson

Canadian Ambassador Barbara C. Richardson opened the 9th annual Equal Pay Day Women to Themselves Conference with a compelling keynote address on equality in the workplace and advancement of women into positions of influence and power. As the Ambassador of Canada to the Czech Republic, Barbara C. Richardson has been actively pursuing her diplomatic agenda, […]

Why do we go conferences?

Have you ever considered for what reason you are spending all that money and time? Of course, you can list  “7 reasons of why you should go” – like learning new tips and tricks and having networking opportunities, but it can’t be only for that. Because  - really everything is available online. For tips and […]

7 things you need to do before you meet your mentor

Without a doubt, the biggest mistake that a mentee can make—and one that many make routinely—is failing to thoroughly prepare for a meeting with the mentors. When you haven’t done the necessary homework, you will just waste valuable time on irrelevant topics. Keep in mind that your mentor has dedicated their time voluntarily, show appreciation […]

Loredana Popasav: The paradox of feelings and money

Money doesn’t equal happiness. Despite what people say.  Despite advertisements that simply tell us that we will be happier if we make the right purchase. And because money can buy us lots of things we somehow fall into the trap of believing that money will also buy us a sense of security and comfort, that […]

The best investment ever

„The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself…The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.“ This quote by Warren Buffett describes, in the best way possible, the main theme of the Equal Pay Day – Women to Themselves Conference featured today in Prague Daily Monitor WOMEN, MONEY AND GENDER EQUALITY Czech women […]